Wednesday, February 23, 2011

By the Numbers

Nothing says obsessive-compulsive-trying-to-have-babies lady like a spreadsheet! I kept one of my ultrasound monitoring during the IUI process... and inserted it below. For a little 101: in order for a follicle to have an egg in it, the number should be above at least 17 by the day of the IUI. As you can see, we had the possibility of 2-3 eggs releasing for the IUI.

The chance of multiples for an IUI is higher than a natural pregnancy, but no where near as high as that of an IVF. At our clinic, which has really good numbers for IUIs, the chance of getting pregnant on an IUI with injectible hormones is 13-14%. Of those pregnancies, the chance of multiplies is anywhere between 8-20%. IVF at our clinic has a twins rate of almost 30%. Fun, but also prone to many more complications.

So the last numbers were ours going into the IUI, which happened on December 1st.

Our clinic schedules you for a blood test 15 days after the IUI, during which time you need to treat your body if it is pregnant... No sushi, no luncheon meat, no cocktails, etc. And oh yes, you still get to take hormones twice a day until either a negative blood test or 10 weeks pregnant.

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