Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanksgiving-- Modified

*Another "medical" post for those who prefer to skip*

After our lunch and marathon phone-banking all the pharmacies in the Peedee region, Shawn and I got back on the road to DC, arriving at about 9pm. We ran into all that Thanksgiving traffic we had left early on Wednesday to avoid!

Thank goodness the grocery store was open on Thursday morning. We were invited to a crabcake benedict brunch with our awesome friend Angela, and I was able to pick up enough supplies to put together some semblance of a Thanksgiving dinner for Shawn and I.

We woke up on Friday morning and went to a monitoring appointment WAY outside the Beltway, where I found out that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day in our fertility clinic's practice. It was like a clown car... people were sitting on the floor, the hallways. Another snapshot that there are LOTS of people in this boat with us. That appointment came with the news that I STILL needed more shots. Ditto on the appointment on Sunday morning.

So Shawn got on the road for his annual men-hunt-and-shoot-but-usually-just-do-manly-things weekend, to return early Monday morning for the IUI. Monday again? Still not ready. More shots and the instructions to come back the next day for monitoring with the IUI scheduled for Thursday. Shawn had a business trip Tuesday-Wednesday, so we got him on the plane.

At my appointment Tuesday morning, I found out it was go time. Which meant Shawn had to get on a plane ASAP, or we would have to have that cycle cancelled. Thanks to an understanding client, and a colleague who covered the conference for him, Shawn came back late on Tuesday night so we could have the IUI on Wednesday morning. And I am lucky enough to have a boss that understood that I needed a day off with literally no notice.

Have you noticed the themes here? My body likes as many shots as possible-- and the Edwards don't like to do things the easy way!

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  1. Oh man! So many doctor visits!

    I'm this babe blog's biggest fan.