Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Works!

*Last "medical" update for the male, squeamish, and male squeamish.*

So, let me tell you, that 15 days seems like an eternity. Particularly when you are still on hormone medications that like to mimic pregnancy symptoms. So I spent the "two week wait" as it is called googling every possible symptom or non-symptom I was feeling. And ducking questions about why I wasn't having a cocktail with my friends.

It was at that point I decided, why make this a secret? We are in a city of late-childbearing women, and telling people you are going through fertility treatments is preferable to them seeing you turn down a cocktail and assume you are pregnant.

As I've said, it has been a blessing to see we are no where near alone in this journey. Young friends, old friends, healthy friends and not as healthy friends.... there had to be at least 10 families I came across who said "us too". And those people have been a constant source of encouragement and oversharing through this process.

So... the week of my blood test, which is on a Thursday, I get what I think is pretty strong proof I'm not pregnant. (You can use your imagination for that one). I told Shawn, had a little cry, a few martinis, and decided on the next plan of action. I was pretty emotionally prepared to have to go through more than one IUI before having success.

So what does a DC person do? I went on a business trip! And had TONS of sushi and some cocktails with my client, and thought, "onward and upward". The only part of the week that was touch and go was when my client activity of the week was touring the nursery and maternity wings of two hospitals. That hurt my heart a little.

Lo and behold, I go in for the mandatory test at 7:15am on Thursday morning (December 16th), make a joke about how this is a formality and I'm ready to move on, and head into work. The clinic's protocol is that they call you with blood tests results between 1:00-4:00pm that same afternoon, and when the nurse called, I let it go to voicemail, knowing what the message would be.

Um. Actually, I didn't. That darn blood test was positive, and I made a "Holy Sh&T" phone call to Shawn, who dropped his cell phone when I told him.

Um, yea.


The protocol is for two more bloodtests in the next five days to ensure that the pregnancy isn't a chemical or an ectopic. Not those either... and we were set up for an ultrasound on December 28th... another family holiday cut short. Hopefully they understand now!


  1. Loving the new blog and can't wait to meet the wee Edwards aka Tad :) you'll both be awesome parents! But will it be a D or an R?

  2. (S)he'll be a Clemson fan! Does anything else matter?

  3. I love the medical updates Moooarrrrr peas.

    This is awesome. there is some sort of rain in my eyeballs right now.