Saturday, February 26, 2011


So... I'm pregnant! And as I mentioned, one of the "pros" of working with a fertility clinic is that you get more ultrasounds that the average pregs lady. That included one while I was only about 5.5 weeks pregnant (while often doctors won't even take a 1st appointment until 8-9 weeks).

That ultrasound confirmed why my beta (blood) tests were so high! Two babies! But as we learned by the 2nd ultrasound, one of the challenges of early tests are that they show non-viable babies that end up being consumed by the other. The internet calls it "vanishing twin". For MCB and MAC, I'll call it "tooth, hair, bone" babies. The only way I could think to explain it is "one baby ate the other baby".

SO. With that said.... Week 7 ultrasound (early-January), one healthy baby with a really strong heartbeat, and I was released from Sh@dy Grove to my regular OBGYN.

And still in disbelief that this actually freaking worked. Even now, at 14.5 weeks pregnant, I don't feel pregnant. I (knock on wood), haven't had any morning sickness. The closest thing I had to sickness was at a client dinner in Columbia in mid-January. I just had to excuse myself for 45 minutes or so for a walk outside in the rain.

The one and only symptom I have had is major, unabiding HUNGER. I can't explain it. I literally had to have something to eat every 90 minutes or I would start to freak out. Didn't have to eat much, but HAD TO EAT. This led to a huge bag of healthy snacks being taken to work and box of crackers next to my bed. Luckily that has subsided some now that I'm in the 2nd trimester.

For those who have asked about cravings: burgers burgers burgers. Cheeseburgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers... you name it, I wanted it. And sushi (which I can't really have).

Only food aversion for a few weeks there was any meat I cooked myself. Shawn had tons of leftovers, and I settled in with my Boca Burgers quite a few nights.

It all isn't quite real yet, even after seeing the baby 4 more times in ultrasounds. I can't believe how lucky we are to have had success this early when so many folks have tried for much longer and spent much more money. Even a reconn trip to Buy Buy B@by didn't do it last weekend!


  1. I would like to come down and see this babe.

    At first I was all...ZOMGZ twinz! Then I was baby.

    So excited nonetheless!!!

  2. I *just* finished watching a NGC special called "In the Womb: Multiples" and learned about vanishing twin syndrome! It said that 10%+ of us started as twins but (because the vanishing twin is reabsorbed before ultrasounds are usually given) that most never know. Crazy!