Monday, May 16, 2011


100 days.

Well, in three hours, it will be 99 days.

That's how long until Baby E's official due date.

150 days ago, we found out we were pregnant.

And now 100 days.

Seems really soon.

I'm starting to have some strange anxieties about things that I know will be ok.  I only know two pregnant women right now, and the one I'd most like to overlap a maternity leave with is going back to work as soon as Baby Edwards is here.

I'm worried about not having that support of women going through it with me.  Especially ones that are only a walk or dog park visit away. 

Will I be lonely?  Can I stay out of work for four months without losing my mind?  Will my friends with kids thing I'm crazy if I say "can we hang out"? Often?

Will things change with my friends that don't have babies? 

Will those that want them be able to have them, and those who don't understand that there's room for them in my life?

100 days.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! Do not worry about these things. People will understand. I have faith in that.

    As a friend with no babies, I can understand these feelings you have. Maybe I can even come and bebe sit and you can go out with friends? :)