Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired

I swore I would never complain about being pregnant-- so this isn't a complaint about that.  This is a complaint about getting sick WHILE being pregnant.  Totally different, right?

I took my first couple "sick" hours in about three years yesterday. 

Woke with a wicked headache, a sore throat and a fever.  And of course, promptly went to work.

I have to save all those vacation and sick days for my kick arse four months maternity leave... right?

Well, after having to stand up and take a walk in staff meeting because I felt like I was going to pass out, I quickly finished the memo I needed to get out and had Shawn drive me home.

Forgetting that the construction workers would be next door.  With the drilling.  And the hammering.  Resulting in the utter and complete inability to sleep off whatever was ailing me.

I had a moment yesterday where I googled pre-eclampsia, the most common issue that leads to pre-term labor at this point and freaked myself out.  I was woozy (check), running a fever (check), aching (check), blurring vision (check).  Mistake.

Those are all signs of a cold also, dummy.

Or just feeling a crappy.

Lucky, Baby E seems to like his Mom feeling ugh, because it feels like he's been doing the hustle in there the last three days.

Then you google things like "is increased movement a sign of fetal distress"?

And you realize what ludicrous questions people ask on Yaho0 Answers.

So finally, you decide to take a Tylenol, your fever breaks, you have a great night's sleep and its all over.

Don't take medical advice from the internet, kids.

I feel much better today-- not 100%, but better.


  1. Google diagnosing = bad...not that I'm one to talk. Oh and remember that while your body is focus on cooking a baby your immune system gets distracted and forgets to fight off colds. Baby is fine, momma just gets a kick in the pants for a few days (or until she decides to take a tylenol and rest). Glad you're feeling better!

  2. While the logical side of me recognizes that doing any internet research re: pregnancy is a really bad idea, I, too, can't seem to stop myself! And I've had more colds during this pregnancy than I've had in the last 5 years...its one of those lovely "perks." Hope you continue to feel better!