Sunday, May 15, 2011


Susann and I are looking forward to the day when our child is baptised - we have not really found a home church here in DC though.  Our excuse is that there no church that we have found that is closer than 30 minutes and the fact that Susann is Catholic and I am not.  We most likely will end up at an Episcopal (Catholic Lite) church in Alexandria.  We both believe strongly that our son and, Lord willing, his brothers and/or sisters will be raised in a church family.  We just have to find the right place and we will.

The spark for this blog is that Susann and I had the honor of attending the baptism of Collins Speed this morning.  The service was proceeding apace when it came time for the families, their was one other besides the Speed's, walked down the aisle to present their children for baptism.  Collins was out cold in her fathers arms and only woke up when Gordon passed Collins to the minister.  She really woke up when the water splashed down her back.  All in all it was a beautiful ceremony and Collins came through like a champ.

We have a great deal to look forward to.

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  1. Hey Susann!! Congratulations to you & your hubby! We often go to St. Charles in Arlington (Clarendon area), and we love it. That's where we had Claire baptized. And where we did our pre-Cana. And I did RCIA there! All in all- great experience. Hope this is a helpful suggestion!