Friday, July 22, 2011


So, maybe I'm a worrier.

My mom's best friend growing up was a worrier too...  she called her Wanda Worrywart.  I quickly became Wanda, Jr.

I went through a phase convinced I was going to die young of a tragic terminal illness.

In college, I was told by a psychic, I would die young in a tragic transportation accident.

I'm a worrier by trade.

And I'm worried about becoming a new car owner tomorrow.

I haven't had a car at all since August 2001, when I sold the Probe after five great years together.

Can I handle the responsibility of a brand new car?

What if I wreck it on the way home from the dealership tomorrow?

What if I scratch it?  Or run into a pole in the parking garage at work?  Or back into a mailbox?


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